Jen Dunlap is an accomplished Artist and Production Designer based in LA. Her Design work is heavily influenced by her Visual Art practice (painting, sculpture, and performance); she brings a deep understanding of color, form, symbolism, space, and humor into her work.

Jen has over a decade of Film, Commercial, and Broadway experience working with many esteemed Directors and Clients.
(Phil Lord, Mike Nichols, Ethan Hawke, Karyn Kusama, Celia Rowlson-Hall, Gilly Barnes, Mia Lidofsky, Sasha Levinson, Luis Peña, Rachel McDonald, The Hudson Dusters, Claire Cottrell, Derek McLane, FakeLove, Reggie Watts, CollegeHumor, HBO, Google, Kia, Netflix, Refinery29, Boom Chicka Pop, UnderArmour, BMW, and The New York Times, + )

In the mid 2000's she was one of three starting Producers in CollegeHumor's Original Video department, making zany off-beat comedy videos with limited resources and a lot of enthusiasm. Later she began to freelance design in the Film and Commercial industry while intermittently acting as a Property Supervisor on many Broadway shows. This diversity in genre and medium has pushed Jen to cultivate a high level of craftsmanship that she brings to each new challenge.

Contact: jendunlapdesign @ gmail

Commercial + Narrative: Lauren Zak / lauren.zak@iala.com (310) 656-5185

Jen is a proud member of IATSE, ADG 800.